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Using A Moving Service in Tulsa To Transport Belongings

When someone wishes to move to a new location, they may decide to hire a moving service in Tulsa to help with the task of transporting items. This is the preferred method when several items area in need of moving or if there are larger items to bring along. Here are some packing tips one can use to ensure their belongings are protected while inside a moving truck.

Use The Right Containers

When packaging up personal belongings it is a good idea to use new cardboard boxes rather than reuse older ones. Older cardboard boxes may be weak, causing unnecessary ripping when in transit. Fragile items should be placed in plastic storage containers to help protect them from breaking while moving. They can be wrapped in pieces of bubble wrap and packing peanuts or foam can be used around them before sealing the container with a sturdy lid.

Protect Furniture Appropriately

It is best to take larger pieces of furniture apart before placing them in a moving truck. This will cut down on the amount of space they take up as well as keep protruding or movable parts from being at risk for damage. Use furniture covers or thick blankets around each piece to keep it free of debris. Plastic wrapping items is also a good way to keep them from becoming damaged by moisture while moving to the new home.

Know What To Keep Out Of The Truck

Asking the moving service for a list of items not to pack is important. Most will not allow chemical agents, hazardous materials, or live animals to be transported. Keep a box of essentials out of the moving truck to be brought to the new home via personal transportation. This way if the moving truck is delayed, those in the new home will have items needed to get through the day or night while waiting for the remainder of the belongings to arrive.

It is important to enlist help from a Moving Service in Tulsa know for their reliability and fair pricing. Visit Move That Stuff today to find out more about services offered and to schedule an appointment for a move if desired.

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