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How to Get Accurate Cross Country Moving Cost Estimates from Portland to NY

People planning a cross country move have a lot to consider and planning is important to minimize stressors and ensure a smooth move. One part of the planning process is getting cross country moving cost estimates. For people making a cross country move for the first time, here is a little more information about how these estimates are figured.

Services Offered

When calling around for estimates, people need to know what services they need as this affects the overall cost of the moving service. People who need full-service moving that includes packing, loading and unloading, will pay more than those who do some of the work themselves.


Cross country moves aren’t quick moves, but some people have more flexible timeframes than others. Those who need their moves completed within a tight timeframe will pay more. To get an accurate quote, people should be upfront about how swiftly they need their move completed.

Shipment Weight

How much does a household weight? People are often surprised that it’s not only the amount of stuff they have to move but how much it weighs. Shipment weight plays a huge role in cross country moving prices, which is why many people seriously consider what they absolutely need to move.


The farther the move, the higher the rate. One of the first things a moving company will ask when giving out cross country moving cost estimates is the mileage.

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