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Must-Know Tips Before You Hire Packers and Movers Orange County CA

Organizing and planning a move is often a huge undertaking. Read on for must-know tips before you hire packers and movers in Orange County CA.

Clear the clutter

Relocating to a new home is no easy feat. Before you hire packers and movers in Orange County CA, you’ll want to start clearing up the clutter in your home. Toss or donate everything you haven’t used in the last five or ten years. Chances are, you’ll end up with a ton of things you won’t need to bring along with you to your new address, Livspace says.

Keep it organized

Categorize the items. One tip to make it easier for you to unpack is to put all the things that go together into one pile. For instance, items for the kitchen or bedroom or living room. Then go a bit further and number or label them. Kitchen + cutlery or plates. Labeling your boxes and piles this way will make it easier to pack them up and unload them. Keep that in mind if you’re hiring packers and movers in Orange County CA.

Check those credentials

Ask the company to show you their legal credentials. Do they have a license? Do they have a USDOT number? Taking this step may seem a bit tedious. But if you run into any problems along the way, those credentials will reassure you that your belongings are with a trustworthy company, one that’s going to be answerable and accountable to you.

Time it right

You can save a ton of costs if you time your request right. Choose a date midmonth or midweek. Rates tend to be higher during the first and last weeks of the month as well as during weekends. You may also want to pick a low or non-peak season to book the moving company’s services.

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