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Office furniture moving tips

If you are considering relocating your office, among the many decisions you must make is if to move with your office furniture. You could get new furniture, but why do that while your old furniture is in good condition? Professional office furniture delivery services help reduce the risk and liability of injury while making it easier to transport your office furniture. Even when hiring professionals, there’s a lot you can do to prepare for the move.

  • Box up personal effects

A few days before the move, ask your employees to empty their desks and pack their belongings into boxes. Ensure that all items are moved from the work station and carefully wrap any fragile items. You can combine all the items of the employees being relocated to the new area to conserve space. Ask your employees to take their personal items with them rather than include them in the office move.

  • Unbolt and disassemble furniture

Before the movers get there, unbolt all furniture, shelving, cubicle dividers, filing cabinets, and joined desks. This will save the professional office furniture delivery guys time and save you money as well as they won’t charge you for disassembling the furniture. Remember to use your organizational skills and take care of the bolts and screws as you disassemble your furniture. Tape the bolts and nuts onto the furniture pieces they came from to make reassembly easier.

  • Declutter

While emptying your filing cabinets, go through all the paperwork and clear out all the old stuff you don’t need. This will reduce the number of boxes you will have to move and make the desks and filing cabinets a lot lighter, reducing the risk of injury.

Keep in mind that moving office furniture isn’t the job of your employees even though they might know how to safely lift and move heavy things, trying to move office furniture can cause muscle strains and injury. It’s best to leave it to the professionals.

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