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Seek One of the Best Refrigerated Trucking Firms in Chicago for Your Needs

If you’re looking for reliable and efficient refrigerated trucking companies in Chicago, look no further. We are an asset-based carrier that’s devoted to doing things the right way. The advantage for you is quick shipments and great service.

We specialize in same-day local delivery and regional drayage of international carriers. We bring international containers to and from many of Chicago’s shipyards and rail ramps.

A Well-Respected Reputation

If you work with us, you will quickly find that our customers choose us because of our reputation and follow-through. We are proud to one of the most respected carriers in the industry. Our performance and asset-based structure sets us apart from other carriers in the region.

Imports are continuing to increase, and so is the intermodal industry. Reliable carriers are needed more than ever. Larry’s Cartage operate throughout the Midwest, and we’re based in Chicago. Since 1983 we have met our region’s needs for transportation. From the oceans lines, brokers, freight forwarders, and importers, we have been there, providing reliable service.

Carefully Selected Drivers

Our drivers are carefully selected. We look for responsible and motivated drivers to securely transport all of our containers. We provide comfortable working conditioners for all of our workers and go the extra mile to make sure our drivers have support to get the job done.

Our industry continues to grow, and so do we with it. Our service region continues to increase, as does our ability to handle a larger number of freights. We are dedicated to providing the premium service that you can rely on and that has given us our reputation as one of the best in the industry.

Reach out to Larry’s Cartage today to talk with us about how we can meet your transportation needs. As a devoted carrier service, we will work to show that our reputation as one of the best refrigerated trucking companies in Chicago is well-earned.

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