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Yacht Co-Ownership: The Advantages of Sharing

If you’re like most people, you probably think that it is impossible to own a vessel. In the traditional sense, you could be right. Of course, no one knows your financial situation better than you, but many people just don’t feel comfortable spending that much on a possession that is only going to cost them more to maintain and keep. Yacht co-ownership could be the best choice for you because you get to split all of the costs with seven other people. Therefore, the price you pay is just a fraction of what it could be outright, and you still get plenty of use from the ship.

Yacht co-ownership should be done correctly, which means you should work with an impartial third party. Trying to work it out for eight people to use the boat equally amongst yourselves can be tricky, and most of these situations fail early. Working with a management company gives you the benefit of not having to deal with scheduling, bookkeeping, maintenance, and the rest. Someone else does all that for you, so you’re free to enjoy your boat and spend time with your friends and family. Along with such, you don’t have to worry about someone not upholding their part of the deal because the management company ensures that everyone pays on time.

Luxury Boat Syndicates makes owning a vessel much easier. Yacht co-ownership is something that anyone can participate in, as long as they have the income for it. There are just eight shareowners, and you work with an experienced manager. The management company only purchases new boats and offers a variety of sizes. All vessels operate from one of two marinas: Point Piper and The Spit. Each of the eight owners gets an equal split of the time with the boat, and all of the maintenance and other fees are also split evenly.

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