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You Might Appreciate These Packing Tips And Hacks From Veteran Tomball Movers

Veteran packers have a plan for moving. Records of boxes and the rooms they go into are necessary so you won’t lose something of value. Residential moving The Woodlands TX professionals have some tips and hacks for your next move.


Before you click here to schedule your move, grab all the towels, blankets, sheets, and winter coats. Grab some socks, too. The glassware fits wonderfully in clean socks. Layer them between washcloths or hand towels for packing.

Fit your knives into oven mitts for safety. Then pack them inside the pots and pans. Wrap glass lids to the pots in towels before packing. Wrap your dishes in layers of sheets. Place blankets or winter coats on the bottom of the box as shock absorbers. Place the dishes upright to further discourage breaking.


Use linens or towels to wrap personal grooming products after you’ve placed them in sandwich baggies. They won’t spill in the box, and wrapping them in linens will cushion them. Loose things like combs, hair brushes, tooth brushes, and razors travel well in baggies. Fit all that you can into the bathroom trash basket for ease of packing.


You could click here to read moving tips from residential moving The Woodlands TX professionals. They’ll tell you to use laundry baskets, trash baskets, and suitcases for packing things. Wrap your lamps and accessories in linens or winter coats to cushion them. Tomball Moving & Storage knows lots more packing tips and hacks, so contact us at, and we’ll be happy to help.

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