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6 Top Tips to Help You Find a Trusted Moving Crew

Find a moving crew that you can trust. Here are top tips on how to pull that off.

Look for license and insurance

When you look for Moving Companies in Connecticut, make sure you’re putting licensed and insured movers on your list of prospective firms to help you with the relocation. That gives you the assurance that you’re getting experienced and reliable people for the job.

Read the reviews

Reviews from disgruntled and angry customers may not always be right. But if there’s a ton of these reviews about the firm, then that’s a clear sign that you should consider hiring a different moving crew, the Realtor says.

Get an estimate

When you ask reputable Moving Companies near Connecticut, they typically send someone to your home to check moving conditions as well as the furniture and items that need to be moved. If the firm just sends you an estimate without even taking a look or requesting that you send photos or a list of everything that you want them to transport for you, then that’s a red flag.

Know what’s covered

Don’t forget to ask about the cost. What will the rate cover? If you have specific moving requests in mind, find out if these will cost you extra or if they’re covered under the general quote.

Choose downtimes

Moving firms typically charge higher during peak-times, which is the weekend and during the sunny months. You can pick during the start or beginning of summer since plenty of people prefer moving by the end of the month. Also, you’ll want to choose a weekday instead of a weekend to net you lower costs.

Look beyond cost

Cheap moving firms won’t provide you with the level of handling care and expertise you want. Look for reputable ones instead. If you’re ready for that move, contact the Anthony Augliera Moving, Storage & Theatrical Transfer. Call us at 203-937-9080. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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