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A Guide to LTL Shipping and Receiving Services in Naples FL

LTL, less than load, and less than truckload are all terms used to describe large parcel or palletized shipments that don’t fill the freight carrier’s vehicle. Usually, LTL shipments range from one to six crates, pallets, parcels, or units. Shipments of seven units or more that fill all or most of the carrier’s vehicle are known as full or partial truckload shipments. By using shipping and receiving services in Naples FL, it’s possible to save money while getting freight delivered on time.

LTL Freight: What Is It?

If a customer receives a crate, large box, or pallet delivered by a commercial truck, they’ve received an LTL freight shipment. In many cases, these shipments use wooden crates, wrapped pallets, and corrugated containers.

When Should LTL Freight be Used?

Once parcel shipments reach a certain weight and number of boxes, LTL freight is less expensive than individual parcel shipping. For most companies, the tipping point is about a 250-pound shipment; depending on the customer’s needs, their tipping point may be lower or higher. With LTL shipping and receiving services in Naples FL, customers can reduce breakage and save resources.

Getting Ready for Shipment

At first, preparing LTL shipments may take more work than shipping smaller boxes. If a company ships small parcels daily, the idea of interrupting workflow to handle a larger shipment may be difficult to grasp. However, the savings may be worth the additional effort. In the section below, customers will learn which factors to consider when deciding whether to use an LTL shipper and receiver.

How LTL Shipments are Priced

Freight rates depend on these five factors.

  • The shipment’s weight
  • Its size
  • How far it has to travel
  • Delivery speed or service type
  • Freight class based on shipment size or type

For help with shipping rates, consult a shipping and receiving service today.

Start Shipping and Receiving Today

Today’s companies, especially the smallest ones, don’t always have the warehouse space to receive and hold large orders. With a freight receiving and delivery service, however, the process becomes easier. Contact Business Name. by phone or visit them online to get started.

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