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Air Conditioned Storage Units in Naples, FL Keep Valuable Property Safe

The vast majority of people who store their household furniture and other items after they move underestimate the amount of time they will leave their property in storage. Because they assume their belongings will only be there for a short time, they might not consider purchasing the premium package from the moving and storage company. This leads to items being damaged simply because the storage space was too hot or humid. Fortunately, there is a simple way to avoid this problem.

Keeping household goods in Air Conditioned Storage Units in Naples FL will keep them safe as long as they need to be away from the house. It doesn’t matter whether they only need to be stored a few weeks or if they’ll be there over a year. An air conditioned space will ensure the items in the space don’t get so hot or affected by humidity that they are no longer useful when the family retrieves them. Far too many storage companies fail to advise their customers on the dangers heat and humidity can have on paper, electronics, and even wood furniture. Families make rent payments every month, oblivious to the fact their belongings might be getting damaged in the storage unit.

All Air Conditioned Storage Units in Naples FL are not created equal. Many companies provide self-storage options and allow customers to load their own belongings into the unit. Because they aren’t trained or experienced at packing, people often make mistakes that ultimately cause damage to their property. However, there are companies out there that will pack a person’s belongings, wrap them to keep everything safe, and secure and place them in a storage facility until the customer needs them returned.

It’s important to explore every option available before investing money in a storage solution. Be sure to contact us to learn about how we can help protect valuable items in a cool and humidity-controlled environment. Self-storage can be hit or miss, but working with experienced movers and storing belongings where they’ll be kept in a climate-controlled space is the ideal way to handle short- or long-term storage.

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