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Why it Is Common for Crating Experts to Include a Custom Pallet in San Antonio Projects

Manufacturers create containers that are used to ship thousands of everyday items. However, it takes experts like Crate Master Dallas to protect very large or unusual objects during the entire shipping process. These specialists bring years of design and building skill to their work. They not only create one-of-a-kind packaging for almost anything, but typically include a custom pallet in San Antonio projects. That is critical, since pallets stabilize materials during storage and allow them to be efficiently and safely moved.

The Importance of the Pallet

Pallets are flat structures that are designed to keep materials stable while they are being moved. In fact, they are actually the foundations of unit loads. While they can be made of different materials, most are constructed from wood. Those without bottom deck boards are usually called skids. A standard pallet in San Antonio is built so that it can easily be lifted by a pallet jack, front loader or forklift. Items on pallets are generally secured using shrink wrap or straps. Many materials remain on pallets during storage. That makes it easy to move them in and out.

Specialty Builders Create Quality Pallets for Any Need

Suppliers make pallets in several common sizes. In North American they generally range from 35 x 45.5 inches to 48 x 48 inches. Although these standard products meet most needs, many shipments call for custom pallets. These have to be made by professionals like Crate Master, who specialize in unique wood projects as well as shipping solutions. They build support materials for items as large as aircraft or as small as priceless antiques. Fortunately, wood is one of them most versatile materials to work with and their craftsmen use advanced design tools. They routinely design reusable and one-way skids. Their shipping experts ensure that shipments are safe and stable when traveling by air, sea, ground or rail. Custom packing meets the highest industry standards, including the U.S. Government’s MIL and DOD requirements.

Pallets are commonly used to keep materials safe and to expedite moving and shipping them. When materials are very fragile, heavy or over-sized, shippers often hire experts to design and build custom crates and pallets. These craftsmen have the tools and experience to keep materials safe during any kind of transport.

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