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How to Find the Best Piano Movers

A piano is one of those unique items that you must find professionals to move it. You should research piano movers in Chicago if you are in need of movers. You should never attempt to move a piano yourself, or have an unknown, inexperienced company move it. Sure, it might mean that you have to pay more, but the result is your piano gets the best protection. Always check to see if your moving company is equipped to handle a piano.


If you choose a moving company that says they can move your piano, you should know a few things before saying okay. Piano moving companies have to be licensed and registered. Many massive moving companies should have the capabilities to transport your piano. You should always research companies before hiring them to make sure your piano is in the best hands.

Insurance Coverage

All professional piano movers must have insurance in addition to being licensed. Make sure that you ask your movers to show you proof of insurance before they move your piano. You want them insured in case the unthinkable should happen. If your moving company has insurance, but not the right amount to cover your specific piano, you should get your own homeowner’s insurance involved. Having the added insurance coverage should put your mind at ease during the move. You always want to make sure that you have the proper coverage for your special items, such as pianos.


Regardless of what you are having moved, you should always read reviews of the moving company’s history. You should pay close attention to what people have to say regarding larger items, such as pianos, and how they handled it. Obviously, you want to steer clear of company reviews that say belongings were damaged in the moving process. Although anything can happen at any time, seeing excellent reviews is always a good sign.

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