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Hiring Advice for Choosing a Moving Day Team

Make moving day easier on you. Get pros to help you and your family out. Dig into this list of advice tips.

Get locals

When you look for pros to help you, start by finding local movers in Connecticut. If the firm has been around for years and has solid ties to the community, then that’s a good sign.

Ask about their reputation

Companies that have been in the business for years have already built a reputation. Find out what it is. Local movers in Connecticut with a trustworthy reputation make for an excellent option.

Wait for the inventory

A reputable firm will send an estimator to your home, the Real Simple says. This person will take inventory of everything that needs to be moved for the relocation and so must be thorough in creating in creating that list. If that isn’t the case or the estimator pays more attention to how much some of the items cost than doing a complete inventory, look elsewhere.

Be wary of a large deposit

Some companies may ask you for a deposit. But if the deposit is too large, that could be a red flag. You may be dealing with a rogue mover. Also, if the company insists on getting paid in cash, then it may be better to entertain other hiring options.

Look for credentials

When you hire movers, ask for the firm’s USDOT number. If they provide long-distance moving services, then they should have the number. If they don’t, walk away. That’s a sign that you’ve got a dodgy company on the list.

Ask about the services covered

Make sure of the services covered by the general quote. Ask for a list. That way, if you have a request, you’ll know if it’s going to cost you extra or if it’s already part of what you paid for. For more information about these services click here. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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