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Keeping Items Dry In Self Storage in Plainview TX

When items are placed in a facility that provides Self Storage in Plainview TX, the need to keep them dry is of the utmost of importance. Failing to take precautions in removing moisture from an enclosed space could lead to damage to items made of wood, metal, or fabric. Here are some steps to take to help keep items free of moisture while in storage.

Package Items Appropriately

Before placing items in storage, it is important to find the right containers and covers to keep them well-protected against humidity and moisture. It is best to refrain from using plastic to cover wood items. If a droplet of water is present on the wood, it will quickly lead to rot on the spot if plastic contains the moisture within. Instead, use furniture bags on furnishings and wooden items. Keep books in plastic storage tubs to keep them dust and moisture-free. Clothing also stays dry in plastic storage containers.

Rent The Right Unit

Take a look at the exact unit that will be rented beforehand if possible. Check that there are no gaps present around the door and that the air feels dry. If possible, renting a storage unit with a climate-control temperature thermostat present will aid in keeping humidity at bay.

Place Dissidents In The Unit

To help keep moisture out of a self-storage unit, add a few bowls full of charcoal or kitty litter in the space. These will grab moisture out of the air, helping to keep the air dry. Be sure to check on the contents of the bowls during each visit to the unit and replace them as needed so the contents will continue to do their job at moisture-removal. Dissidents are also available in a box-form and can be thrown away and replaced when needed.

If there is a need to rent space in a facility that provides Self Storage in Plainview TX, finding the right business to use is a must. Visit us today to check out our spacious units, discuss pricing options, or place a hold on a unit to use in the near future.

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