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Mistakes That Could Turn Moving Day into a Nightmare

Bad decisions can cost you. Be on the lookout to avoid any of the following mistakes for a hitch-free moving day.

Starting too late

If you’re going to plan a move, do it as soon as you can. One minute, the move is still six months away, and the in the next, you only have a month left. Time flies so it’s best to prepare early.

Going with a DIY approach

Renting a truck and driving to and from your old and new address until you’ve transferred all your belongings isn’t the best idea. For one, that’s going to take too long. For another, it’s going to be impractical for a long-distance move. Don’t make the mistake of taking this on by yourself, Moving says. Get residential movers in Gilbert to help you out.

Packing too late

Packing your belongings may seem like an easy-peasy job, but it isn’t. Don’t put it off for too long. If you don’t give yourself enough time to pack properly, you could leave your belongings vulnerable to damage during transport. By the time they get to your new address, plenty of your furniture might be cracked, damaged or broken. One way to fix this is to hire pros to pack for you. They have the supplies and knowledge to do this right, so you can rest easy, knowing your things will get to your new home, safe and sound.

Not getting rid of the clutter

Don’t take everything in your home. This is your chance to go through all your belongings. Sort through your things and get rid of the clutter. That’s going to mean fewer furniture pieces to worry about and less moving costs for you.

Be sure to sidestep these moving blunders. For residential movers in Gilbert to help you, call NewView Moving.

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