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Motorcycle Transport Tips And Considerations

Motorcycles, unlike cars and trucks, are a relatively low-cost vehicle to transport both nationally as well as internationally. They are easy to load, can be transported in open or closed carriers, and may even be custom crated for international shipment by ship or by air.

Knowing what is needed for motorcycle transport will be a critical factor. The type of bike, the value of the bike as well as the preferences and budget of the owner, will all be part of the decision making process when selecting a motorcycle transport service.

Type of Carrier

For most international motorcycle transport services, moving the bike by air or ship will require crating. Depending on the number of bikes they can be individually crated, offering the most protection, or multiple bikes can be crated in a shipping container.

Transportation throughout the USA, Canada, and into Mexico, Central, and South America is often done by open or closed carriers. For these routes, covered carriers offer the highest level of protection from road debris and the elements. Open carriers offer a lower cost and often a faster delivery time.

Expertise In Motorcycle Transport

While many motorcycle and automobile transport companies offer online booking services, if it is the first time using the particular transport company, a quick phone call is important. During this time ask about the experience in transporting motorcycles, what safety measures are used to protect the bikes, and what the company’s policies are for shipping motorcycles.

Many auto transport companies will have restrictions on how much gas can be in the tank and if the battery can be shipped with the bike. Knowing this information in advance will help in both preparing the bike for pick-up as well as choosing the right company for your transport needs.

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