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Need to Store Electronics? Opt for Climate-Controlled Storage Units in Plainview, TX

Basic self-storage units are relatively inexpensive, and large units can hold an entire house full of furniture. However, if the items that are going to be stored in one of these units could be damaged by extreme heat or cold, dust, or rodents, and will need to stay in the unit for an extended amount of time, it might be beneficial to consider a climate-controlled unit. Climate-controlled storage units in Plainview TX offer a safe and secure place to keep personal items when they can’t be used at home.

When shopping for a storage unit, it’s important to carefully assess what will be stored at the facility. Some items are more sensitive than others and should always be in a climate-controlled environment. People who want to store property such as electronics, important documents, musical instruments, and antique furnishings should invest in a climate-controlled storage units in Plainview TX to prevent damage to the items. Considering the cost to replace all of the damaged or destroyed items, the difference between the price of a regular and climate-controlled storage unit is negligible.

Climate-controlled units also tend to be more secure than regular storage units. Because they are indoors and require additional credentials to access, fewer people will be able to get near the door to the unit. Regular storage units typically have drive-up access for convenience and, although there may be a gate around the facility, a savvy criminal may be able to get past the initial security feature. Indoor units are not accessible to anyone other than the people who have actually contracted with the company to rent the climate-controlled storage units.

Before choosing a self-storage facility, people who need to store some of their belongings should actually tour a few facilities. They should be sure to schedule an appointment to visit us so we can show them all the security featured offered to both regular and climate-control customers. Choosing a storage company that offers cameras, bright outdoor lighting, and clean grounds gives customers confidence the facility they used to store their valuables cares about keeping their property safe as much as they do.

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