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Receive Quality Crating In Austin For All Of Your Shipments

When a company or individual is shipping an item across the country or across the world, they want to make sure it’s completely secure the entire transit time. Quality packaging and crating in Austin is available by highly-trained craftsman. They can customize any type of crate or package for a particular item. A crating company has the ability to crate delicate items and pieces of heavy industrial machines. This type of packaging company understands the importance of protecting a valuable antique or painting and will provide the design a large piece of equipment needs for smaller pieces or parts.

Helicopters And Airplanes

Military equipment is often shipped on ships or cargo planes. Protecting these items throughout their destination will eliminate any downtime when a helicopter or airplane is delivered. An experienced crating company understands what the military specifies for their crates and skids.


When an item is in transportation, it can be subject to conditions that involve moisture. Vapor barrier bags can be installed over the shipment to protect it against damage. In addition, crating in Austin can provide heat shrinking to protect an item against dust.

Industrial Equipment

Industrial equipment is generally very expensive to purchase and needs to be protected. Delicate pieces of the machinery need to be protected against any type of movement that could cause serious damage. An experienced crating company understands this and will design a quality crate that’s specific to the type of machinery being shipped.

Government Specifications

The government has specifications such as MIL-B-26195, MIL-C-104, and MIL-P-15011 that require specific instructions for shipments below or above 10,000 pounds. A crating company can build packaging for any government agency, including the US Army and NASA.

Other Projects A Crating Company Can Perform

A crating company is so experienced with building; they can build shelves, playhouses, buildings, benches, tables, and many other items to meet a customer’s exact specifications. The workmanship of the products is outstanding and will last for years to come.

If you are interested in quality workmanship to protect your next shipment, please contact Crate Master. They’ve been in business for many years building quality products.

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