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The Importance of Using Proper Packing Materials in South Shore, MA

While it may be tempting to make due with whatever random packing materials you can round up when it comes time for your next move, this isn’t always the best idea. Proper packaging using the right types of materials is essential for keeping your belongings safe during the move. A few simple considerations will make it clear why it’s important to use the proper packing materials in South Shore MA.

Most people understand that they need boxes, but just gathering all sorts of random boxes and throwing items into them randomly isn’t a good way to pack. First of all, it really is best to have just a few standard sizes of boxes, as this makes it easier to pack the truck for moving. The more oddly sized boxes there are, the harder it is to pack the truck. Then, make sure to pack the right types of items in the right sizes of boxes. Very heavy items, such as books, should be packed in smaller boxes, while lighter items can be packed in larger boxes. This makes it so no one box is too heavy. Putting too much weight into a box not only makes it hard to lift, it increases the risk of the box breaking and the items inside becoming damaged.


Strong packing tape is necessary when packing for a move, and the boxes should all be taped closed. It’s usually best to double or triple tape the boxes to make them stronger and less likely to cause a problem.

Cushioning and Padding

Both the bottom and the top of the box should have some padding, and the padding should ensure that the box is totally full with no extra space to allow the contents inside to be jostled or squished. These Packing Materials in South Shore MA should also be used to wrap up any fragile items individually. Any boxes that have fragile items should be labeled as such to make sure they are packed on the top of the pile in the truck.


Label boxes based on the room, rather than just the contents, as this means the movers will know where to put the box when they bring it into the new home.

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