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Tips to Prepare a Pallet in Dallas for Shipping

A freight shipment, using a pallet in Dallas, is the fastest and most affordable way to transport larger items. However, if a person has never used pallets for shipments in the past, they may not know how to prepare it to minimize damage. Some tips to ensure a pallet is properly prepared for shipment can be found here.

Select the Right Pallet

It is important to use a strong and undamaged pallet that is also large enough to hold all the items that need to be shipped. There should not be anything hanging over the edges of the pallet when the preparation process is complete. Also, make sure to avoid using any pallet that shows signs of rot or that have protruding nails.

Prepare and Pack the Pallet for Proper Shipping

When preparing the pallet for shipment, it is a good idea to use strong cardboard boxes for the individual items. Use plenty of cushioning materials and ensure it is properly sealed with plenty of duct tape. A square package is going to be extremely easy to load, where an oddly shaped item may be more difficult to fit on the pallet properly.

Stacking the Items on the Pallet

It is best to put the smaller and lighter packages on the top of the pallet and the bigger and heavier ones on the bottom. Also, line up the boxes in columns and side by side. Be sure to stack the packages as tightly together as possible and leave very little space in between them. Additionally, don’t try to stack the Pallet in Dallas too high, because this can result in instability while increasing the chances of damage.

Fixate the Shipment on the Pallet

Be sure strap the items on the pallet with straps so that it is completely secure. Wrap them very tightly around the load. It is also a good idea to strengthen the load with stretch foil.

Creating a freight pallet for shipment doesn’t have to be difficult; however, it does need to be done properly. While the tips here can be beneficial, it may also be a good idea to utilize the services of the professionals from Crate Master. Being informed is the best way to ensure that a pallet is properly packed for shipment.

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