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4 Signs of a Rogue Mover

Make smart decisions when you pick a company that offers moving and storage services in Simi Valley CA. Know the signs of a rogue mover so you’ll know how to steer clear of these firms.

Cheap prices

Moving costs can set you back a lot. It’s prudent to research your options thoroughly so you won’t end up paying more than you should. However, that doesn’t mean automatically going for the cheapest option you can find. Consider the reputation of the firm you want to hire as well. Dodgy movers often use lowball offers to get clients to sign up.

High deposit

Some movers may ask for a deposit fee. That’s all right. But if the fee is above 10 percent of the total bill, then that’s a red flashing flag, the Realtor Mag says. That said, while deposits are reasonable, if the amount is too high, then don’t pay it. Look for a different moving and storage firm in Simi Valley CA.

Poor reviews

Pay attention to online reviews and feedback. Scrolling through those reviews can give you much-needed information about the company. Are many of the reviews positive or negative? Are customers happy and satisfied with their experience? What kind of problems past clients encountered? Also, pay attention to anything that keeps getting mentioned in the reviews. That could be a recurring issue, one that could affect your hiring decision.

Little information

Reputable companies provide you with a lot of information about its team, services and history. If the company doesn’t offer any of that information on its site or if its contact numbers are hard to find, it could be hiding something. You may be dealing with a rogue mover. Beware of these signs so you can avoid signing up with moving company with a bad reputation and service quality.

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