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7 Tips When You Move from California to Texas

Planning to move to Texas? You’re not alone. Rising costs is now one of the reasons driving a lot of Californians to make the move from the Golden State to Texas, QZ says. Here are a few ways you can avoid moving day chaos and misery.

Get organized

Start by planning the move. Changing address is a mammoth process and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with a million details. Start planning between thirty and sixty days before the move.

Create a countdown list

You’ll have an easier time keeping track of everything when you create a countdown list. Itemize everything and set weekly goals you’ll need to accomplish.

Pay for packing assistance

If you’re moving from California to Texas, hire the services of a professional moving firm to help you. Plenty offer packing assistance if you’re having a hard time boxing up your belongings.

Do your homework

Improper packing can leave items vulnerable to damage. Avoid all those problems by engaging the services of a reputable firm when you plan on moving from California to Texas.

Hire based on reputation

Know what other customers say about the firm. Read reviews and complaints. Ask around. Figure out as much as you can about the company. How much experience does it have? Is it licensed? Does it offer insurance coverage? Figure out these things in advance before you pick a moving service.

Filter through belongings

Organize your belongings. Go through everything you own and decide which ones you’ll want to keep, toss, and donate. That can help you save a ton on moving costs, especially if you plan on leaving a lot of your heavy furniture behind.

Do an inventory

List down all the items that need to be delivered. Having a record of everything is a must. If something goes missing, you’ll find it easier to track them.

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